Fuller Village Completes Major Rooftop Solar Installation

We recently completed a two-year installation of solar panels on nine of the buildings on our 60-acre campus on Brush Hill Road.

“This project is part of our commitment to climate change and reducing Fuller Village’s carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy and achieving greater energy independence,” noted Executive Director Deborah Felton.

FireFlower Alternative Energy of Boston oversaw the development and installation of the rooftop solar project.  The panels cover approximately 42,224 square feet of rooftops which will create approximately 407,163 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, representing about 37% of the electricity currently consumed at Fuller Village.

This clean power will offset the production of over 7,700 metric tons of CO2 over the 25-year life of the system.  It represents the equivalent of taking 1,630 cars off the road annually or planting 9,399 acres of forest in one year.

solar panels
solar panels on top of apartments

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